The BC Experience - So Far!

The BC Experience - So Far!

Posted:  September 20, 2017

It seems hard to believe that we have already completed one-eighth of our school year! It’s amazing how fast the time goes but it is also amazing how much our students and staff have already accomplished in this new school year.

As the new Superintendent of the Bloom-Carroll Local School District, I want you to know that in the first month of school I have witnessed our teachers and administrators fostering critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication among our students in an innovative environment. I have observed our BC support staff members working hard to provide services for our students and staff to help maximize the best BC experience possible.

 Communication and the promotion of teaching and learning, extracurricular activities, and co-curricular activities continues to improve as we utilize multiple resources to keep you informed. The infusion of technology is rapidly changing education and our district continues to evolve to deliver excellence in the fast-changing environment in which we operate. Devices and other innovative resources are being used appropriately to enhance our students’ learning experience.

We have many positive things happening in the BCLSD and it is important for us to share those with our community. Our staff members embrace our challenges and we are committed to fostering continuous improvement in ourselves and our students. As the superintendent and parent of three BCLSD students, I am impressed with the BC experience and I believe you will be too!

Go Bulldogs!

Shawn Haughn

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